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F4 Thomcat Frame

F4 Thomcat Frame

Precision Casting

Precision Casting

Aerospace Quality

Aerospace Quality

Aerospace Quality AT a lower price?


...and made in America

You need a TOP Frame
to make a TOP Gun

1911 Precision Cast Frames

Ships 80% complete

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F-4Thomcat 1911 CAST frame

F4 Thomcat 1911 frame is destined to become the industry standard to which all other factory or custom built 1911's will be compared. This 5" long Government Model is the best single stack duty, defense or competition pistol you'll find in America. F4Thomcat offers the best quality, the best value and the best performance.


Ships Ready to Machine- 80% complete.


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Less waste equals less cost.


The whole point of casting is to reduce machine time and to create a less expensive frame with the same tolerance and strength. The single most expensive machining operation in a 1911 frame is hollowing-out the magwell, and that opening is created as part of the molding process on a 1911 cast frame.


By using the near net shape investment casting process, we have designed the cost out of a 1911 frame. CNC Machined frames are good, but very expensive to produce and each one has to be machined from a block of solid steel one at a time. You end up paying for the time to machine the frame and you pay for the scrap material that comes off the block. By pouring multiple frames at a time, we can lower the cost per frame.


Casting allows the crystalline grain to flow into the mold by gravity. Grain in the part can be influenced by where the flue (the place the metal is poured into the mold) is placed and by risers placed in the mold. Risers are places in the mold that allow extra metal to stay to help in filling the mold, cooling the mold or controlling the grain or stresses in the final cast. 

If you are looking for a gun that is properly dimensioned but inexpensive, then a cast frame is great; it allows a well-made gun to cost less.

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4140 Steel
1911 Frame

4140 cold finished annealed is a chromium-molybdenun alloy steel that is oil hardened. Expert finish machining with casting strength gives you a very high tolerance frame.

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17-4 Stainless Steel
1911 Frame

17-4 stainless steel will withstand corrosive attack better than any of the other hardenable stainless steels. For a superior strength and dent resistance.

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Custom Made 
1911 Frames

Since we are a full service foundry, we have the ability to make your frames to your exact specifications. If you have a design, we can give you a price, if not, we can help make the design for your frames manufacturable.


          Order by the Frame



Ships, 100% Complete, Ready to Machine- 80% complete, Just Ground or As Cast.

The delivery lead-time for custom frames is generally 8 weeks from receipt of deposit.

A deposit of 50% of the order value at time of order.

Volumes of greater than 50, please call

(219) 326-1976 

For orders placed outside the USA, please call us.

What about the quality?

We have been pouring investment cast components for the aerospace industry for over 30 years. We are used to meeting AMS-STD 2175 standards required to withstand flight, there are no higher standards for manufacturing parts from metal. Plus the casting process allows us to easily modify the actual metal composition to your needs if you want a custom made run of frames... thanks to the fact that we actually melt our own metals.


Nobody can deliver quality like a manufacturer who has over 30 years of investment casting experience. It's hard to find 1911 frames anywhere that compare to our frames. That's why we've become the favorite frame of so many custom gunsmiths. If you want less than 25 we can drop ship from inventory. If you are a larger manufacturer, then we can quote a custom run for you.


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